360° Lazy Mop™ Double-Sided

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No more wet hands with this multi-purpose 360° mop. Make cleaning easier with the double-sided Lazy Mop with self-wringing ability.

This mop makes it super easy to clean any mess by giving you both sides of the mop to use. Super flexible, it gets into a those hard to reach places like under furniture, baseboards, ceiling fans, and more. With self-wringing feature lets, you keep your hands dry!


  • Professional Grade: Stainless Steel Mop shaft makes parts strong and reliable. The lengthening bar design is easy to clean corners and reach difficult heights.

  • Super Absorbent Microfiber Cloth: The microfiber mop head cloth is machine washable for easy reuse. 2 Microfiber Replace Cloths included.

  • Double-Sided & No Dead Corner Design: 360° degree no dead structure design makes it easy to clean every corner.

  • Self Standing: The free hand washing designed self-wringing flat mop can stand on the floor without leaning on the wall.

  • Multi-functional: Use for wood floors, glass, windows, tiled flooring, dusting, etc. Ultra-fine microfiber pad grips dirt, dust and pet hair making this the perfect dust mop.