3D Butterfly™ Wall Stickers - 12 Pcs

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Add a pop of colour and whimsy to any space in your house with these cute 3D Butterfly Wall Stickers.

With a variety of colours and patterns, these adhesive butterflies are a fun way to add a splash of colour to any smooth surface such as walls, doors, closets, plastic, metal, tiles, fridges, laptops, etc. Wherever they are, they make a spectacular display, and bring your home to life!!!



  • Lightweight PVC material

  • 12 pcs per package: In various sizes from 12cm – 6 cm.

  • Easy to apply to any clean, smooth, solid surface such as walls, glass, mirrors, dressers, etc.

  • Please note the surface MUST be clean and debris free. Dirt/grease will cause the wall stickers to adhere improperly, and possibly peel from the surface.

  • Adhere butterflies to clean wall surface and press them each for a minute.